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J.R. Ramon


A true artist…. Felt she was guided by an inner voice to come to Florida, J.R. Ramon started painting on canvas as soon as she arrived. What seemed to be a spiritual move rather than geographic, her journey quickly led her here –to HavUHeard... who fell in love with her work. We proudly stand behind her and enthusiastically look forward to presenting her amazing talents to the world.


“I have a lot to be grateful for.”



A child advocate for the last 5 years, she is committed to raising awareness about child abuse and supporting organizations that do so.  She has even contacted and urged senators to make tougher laws, has personally thanked prosecutors who put away these abusive criminals, has offered support and help any way she could to mourning families who lost their child due to abuse....with cards, flowers and even money to help cover funeral costs  :(


"Every time a child becomes an Angel, I cannot tell you the devastation and pain I feel deep in my heart.  I will name some of my paintings after these little ones...."


J.R. gets her inspiration from music, people, places and architecture. Many of her works are still painted with her hands. “It’s like a force comes over me”, she states. “The release is spiritually cleansing.” Like all artists, she’s truly at peace when painting.


“I just want people to smile from what I do.”


So SMILE, and enjoy her work  :)

100% of proceeds donated to to charity
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