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Tampa based, 23 year old Shevonne Philidor is best known for her Season 6 Wild Card appearance on "America's Got Talent".  The singer, songwriter and self-taught musician plays guitar, drums and keyboard.  Shevonne is no stranger to TV and cameras.  Starting her TV debut at the tender age of 13, she appeared on Americas Most Talented Kids.  She went on to appear in “Oz The Musical” which toured nationally. She spent 10 years with Tampa’s Entertainment Revue.  She has truly paid her dues doing countless talent shows, theater, musicals, live performances and done everything from voice over’s to sitting in with Tampa local bands and events. She is a seasoned performer and enjoys everything from blues, reggae, rock, pop and everything in between.


On a personal note, Shevonne is very fond of animals. She lives with 8 cats, 1 dog, 4 birds, a Lizard and 1 snake. She is a talented graphic design artist, doing free hand -sketching and animated images. She enjoys designing tattoo’s and custom one of a kind items like a back pack for her sister.   Without a doubt, Shevonne is a TRUE artist in every sense :)

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