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"That's The Way We Roll"

Bring together a group of musicians with a broad spectrum of tastes and influences and you’ll likely hear discord. But add their diverse array of life experiences to the mix and suddenly their differences start to complement each other. So it is with Tampa, Florida-based band, Soul Circus Cowboys. Their eclectic blend of musical styles and roads traveled make them one of the most unique new bands on the touring circuit. 
Soul Circus Cowboys’ first single, Lay It Down, off of their debut album “Love’s Like A Rodeo” quickly established the band as a musical force to be reckoned with. Critics and fans praised the song for its message and authenticity, the band for its astute musicianship and the album as a collection of well-told stories, each crafted by songwriters who’ve “been there – done that.” The video for Lay It Down became a fan favorite on country music video channels, including Great American Country (GAC) and Country Music Television (CMT).


Soul Circus Cowboy’s new album, That’s The Way We Roll offers an equally eclectic combination of sounds, styles and stories, all written (or co-written) by McKnight, the master storyteller. The new release is a grown-up record that blasts through musical styles and genres, and offers something for just about every musical taste. Best of all, this album proves that the paths each member of Soul Circus Cowboys took to achieve their individual musical dreams have now merged into a single stretch of road that is certain to lead to an even greater level of band success.
They’re thoroughly genuine. They’re phenomenally talented. They’re the Soul Circus Cowboys.

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